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Here I am mentioning the top two key features that Salesforce had introduced for the developers. These features are awaited from the last release and while following the Ideaexchange, I was expecting these two features as the part of summer release. If you are interested in detailed information on summer release, I better recommend you to follow the document embedded on the bottom of the post.

Below are the top two features  :

1. Dynamic Controllers on Visual Force : 

   Likewise, you can now add a controller on the website dynamically and expose or hide them
   based on the business logic. Using  <apex:dynamicComponent> tag, you can easily achieve to make visual
   force page go completely dynamic

    Amit quoted this better

With this feature, you can generate VF markup in Apex controller/extension code and then insert that markup at runtime in the VF page to generate truly dynamic VF pages whose structure/content is determined at runtime. For example, you can generate an entire <apex:outputPanel> (including all its child elements) in the controller based on some business logic/conditions and then insert that panel into the VF page at runtime.

Author - blog  (Read more about : Best practices of writing Trigger)

The vidocast on dreamforce shown here gives another better idea to use dynamic controls usage

Read the article here for the sample source code by Amit at Blog

2. JavaScript Remoting 

With the Java script remoting user can call the methods inside the Javascripts which are declared in Apex controller. Using @RemoteAction annotation, one can easily invoke the methods defined outside the JavaScript somewhere in the controller, I believe this approach which will give a bigger edge over the previous conventional approach .

Ankit Arora in his blog had quote pretty decent example with sample apex code to test.

 Read the official release document attached below to get more detailed information from both administration and development point of view.  (Check out more on connecting Ruby cloud with Salesforce cloud )

Salesforce Release official document for Summer'11 : Copyright

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