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As we know the Salesforce Advanced Developer exam is intended for the people who had developed customized application into the Salesforce and delved into the deeper roots and concepts of Salesforce. Clearly, Salesforce still being a fledgeling technology has much to come up for help and support and resources in market. So for Dev-501 exam, finding right source and guidelines is truly turning into a big deal, and while preparing on my own for the exam I searched a lot for the material and notes that could help in giving direction and tuning to my preparation.

I learned couple of good resource are available in the market but all in all a developer has to have hands on experience with Salesforce development thoroughly as this exam on papers is intended for 'advanced developers' that may cover coding part of development 

Some of the good resource that I learned to be of help are the

So here I am attaching the the documents for now, which I believe could help many of the aspiring developer who are heading to get 'Advanced Developer Certifiication'. I would also be adding the resource over with period of  all through my personal notes and findings eventually.

Quick Notes for Dev-501 by Jack from

Official Salesforce Guidelines 

Sample for video from Salesforce Channel

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