Integrate Salesforce with Informatica Cloud | Salesforce integration with Cast Iron Demo

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Informatica cloud provides tight integration with Salesforce and allow developers to convinently migrate the data from wide range of technologies.

Since long, I was experiment with Informatica and tried with SQL Server 2008 to Salesforce did third-party integration with Informatica and I learned this tool is truly awesome and makes data migration much easier, flexible and can be scheduled depending on needs

In the video below the presenter gave quick demo about you can get started with Informatica cloud - the video is trimmed and directly takes you to the point where demonstration starts

In the video the presentator quickly explain, how easily you can migrate the data, resolve the conflicts, drag and drop to add the fields and schedule  the job. But before you get started I recommend you to download free trial of informatica on your salesforce account.

Download the app for your own Salesforce org from  here 

Follow Video #1 -  Data Integration with Oracle and Salesforce using Informatica Cloud 

Follow Video #2 -  Data Integration with Cast Iron and Salesforce

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