Salesforce Schema - How Salesforce Objects are linked to each other

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There are two pretty neat ways to locate the Salesforce Schema of Objects. For the newbies on Salesforce I would like to share that if you do not know how are the Salesforce objects are related to each other there is pretty easy way to figure this out. 

I believe once you are clear with schema of the object in your organization, writing a SOQL queries and complex apex code would be easier for you

How to find Salesforce Schema of Objects (finding fields of Standard and Custom Objects)

Standard Schema is provided by Salesforce - I was reading about the Salesforce Web Service API and lately through blog I found out this image which gives you idea about the objects are related in standard fashion in Salesforce (officially provided by

Finding Salesforce Schema through Eclipse IDE / IDE

Once you have IDE or Eclipse IDE setup and configured for your organization, follow the steps and image to find this out

Once open locate the file-name 'salesforce.schema' on the package explorer you will find the list of objects in your organization's Salesforce account.

Once open, in the right column, expand the any object to locate the fields of the objects and in this way you can easily find out how one object is related to other

Happy Learning

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