CloudFactor by Appirio | Gmail and Salesforce

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Appirio is one the top leader in consulting cloud based software solutions and is one of the most talked about  company in the Dreamforce for consecutively three years in a row. Only two resources (as books) available in market on Amazon with latest content covering vast aspects of Salesforce and amazingly both  the books are co-authored by Appirio employees namely 'Salesforce Handbook' by Jeff Doughlous  and 'Development with' by Jason Ouellette  

Considering the investments and solutions that Appirio provides,  I always seek for the new solutions and updates the Appirio comes up with, I would like here to talk about the application called 'Cloud Factor' which leverage the power of integrating Salesforce in Google Apps

Using the product I learned this application save significant time switching between Apps and keeping all stuff in one place, keeping user engagement more focused by avoiding distraction

Check this video below to get a quick sneak peak

CloudFactor : Salesforce and Gmail 

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