Heroku for Java Developers | Java on Cloud

by - 11:27 PM

I have been a big fan of Java programming language since many years and working with java I learned many beautiful piece of frameworks tool and IDE.  Eclipse being an oustanding IDE gave me best experience so far and no doubt most used IDE industry wise.

I learned that keeping development aside if we talk about the deployment of Java application, its always a big pain. Compiling, building code, version the code  and finally you end up to  deployment which is always very complicated process

Heroku agile infrastructure now provide outstanding service to deploy the java based application in no-time. Trying my hands on heroku with java left a big impression on me and eclipse adds another beauty of source code versioning through Git which is huge plus

Below is the video by Software Development Evangelist at Heroku.com the main guy behind development of java.heroku.com at CloudStock meeting conducted by Salesforce.com. He explains how easy it is for you manage all the source code made on java and deploy the application in no-time

Make sure you have Egit and Heroku install for the Mac before jumping in

To start with logon to http://java.heroku.com and make an account to have early start, here in details step by step video to get started

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