Salesforce Summer Release 12 | Favorite Features

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After attending the webcast today, I was exited to try my hands on the upcoming new features. Sandeep the guy behind the Salesforce webcast, presented some of the brilliant features of Summer 12 from the developer prospective

The features that I am exited about  are listed here and would like to discuss them

I started with  Salesforce Schema Builder though this was available for (Database as Service cloud) for a little long time but I am exited to see this here

1. Salesforce Schema Builder  - A quick sneak peak by me 

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Pros - Good to relate the table and create objects and adding fields and relating objects (tables) from one window

Cons - Not sure how much success it will be, I like it though, early to comment

2. Workspaces in Developer Console 

Easy workspace, you can create workspace, and each entity can be opened in new tab in the developer console and in case if you close the window, this  will be resumed back. Your workspace is not saved or hurts other developer working in the same org, quick demo shown in the video blow from (.30 sec) 

Cons - Developer console is running slow for my org which have bulk data and intellicense is not as responsive as shown in webcast (over chrome and Mac)

3. Dynamic Objects Creation 

With a new feature this is much easier to create to instantiate the object dynamically (see my old post) soon I post quick demo of the how to use this

4. Master-Detail Relationship granular control

You can change the parent record for a child record in a master-detail relationship. To enable this option, select the Allow reparenting option in the master-detail relationship field definition. By default, you cannot “reparent” records in master-detail relationship. Saves time if need to restructure 

5. Visual Workflow 

Simplified the workflow architecture, ease the again through workflow designer and allows more control and better view by easily creating, testing, and deploying workflows through designer. With new 
Visual Workflow Subflows, you can copy,paste, and reuse elements—even embed them within 
other flows—to perform common tasks. Makes life much easy less code with more control and productivity

6. SOQL Pagination 

Now you can search quickly and efficiently through SOQL query results and can save time in searching through rows and rows SOQL query results. The SOQL offsets allow you to specify starting rows and jump quickly to the results you need, the best part. This is brilliant feature 

7. Highlight code and execute (Great feature)

Now in developer console, you can highlight the code piece and execute it right away, this is feature is pretty fast and works like a charm

Demo video for all these feature will be posted soon, and for newbies who don't not know how to update he sandbox to get the latest features just follow this link and enjoy the pleasure of the Summer 12 

PS : Summer 12, available and can be download on org sandbox by May 6 

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