Joined Reports in Salesforce | How to Create them

by - 12:02 AM

Joined Report : 

You might have came across a situation where you had a thought, what if I can have multiple report types in one report. In case, you are waiting for this feature then you wait is over. Salesforce had introduce a small version of joined report that leverage a potential of joined two report types in one report and here are some of the outstanding milestone you can achieve with Joined Reports 

  1. You can add upto 16 report types 
  2. Make blocks (upto 5 Blocks)  

One of the most anticipated and awaited feature of Salesforce Reports was to allow designer to join tables  in one view of report. Recently, Salesforce introduced the additional feature called 'Joined Reports in Salesforce' this feature . I believe this video give demonstration of how to make joined reports 

Simplify the mundane classical issues that you might come across

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