Using the Salesforce Developer Console to Edit, Execute, and Debug Apex Classes

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Salesforce development is often done using standard IDE or eclipse plugin, with the Summer '12 release, the Salesforce console development became my first place the work with Salesforce.

Enabling development mode allows user to give big edge, the development show up as small window on page, enabling controller and visualforce page code side-by-side in tabular view. This feature bridge a huge gap of context switching and leverage better grip to code and reflect the constant changes

You need to enable user mode to bring this development mode for your Salesforce Account 

How to enable development mode 

What will you see after enable development mode ?

Some brilliant tips and tricks on using Salesforce Development Console shown up in the video below officially published by Salesforce and I believe this will help many developer who aren't aware about or not taking full use of the console mode 

Warning - any file changes in through Developer Console, automatically convertes API version to latest which is 25.0 by now, this is big turn off, so make sure after your changes done through developer console you roll back API version, if your code doesn't meet the new API requirement

How to use Salesforce Developer Console 

Understanding the full potential of Developer Console ( 43 mins ) 
A must watch for pro-developers

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