Salesforce - Area 51 - Stack Exchange | New Online Community for Q & A

by - 6:45 PM

Recently in Dreamforce, bunch of things were discussed but here is something new about the Q and A podium that Salesforce want to bring into notice. 

Salesforce - Stack Exchange | Online community for the exchanging and answering Salesforce Ideas, to my wonder the Salesforce developer forum is prime base for exchanging thoughts and answering question, but alike stack-exchange (popular growing platform) Salesforce jumped in this year to setup their base here on Area 51.

Neat, having used the stack exchange and resolving issues for Math and programming assignment while in school, I was excited to find the Salesforce - Stack Exchange section.

The best part of stack-exchange all the user more specifically contributor will get a funny salutation or they earn badges for the contribution made. Clearly, this motivate user base to engage themselves more 

Nevertheless, alike stack-overflow (most common user base forum for developer) here is another platform to share the awesomeness

Check out stack-exchange for Salesforce (Beta)  here

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