Eloqua Integration with Salesforce

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Eloqua provides CRM specific connectors to easily connect with Salesforce. My personal experience of integrating with Eloqua left me an impression on me of why Oracle saw the potential in Eloqua before acquiring the company. Not sure about how good Eloqua blends with Oracle CRM, but I believe Salesforce would have acquired this company before, this was big rumor in the market for a long time of Salesforce buying Eloqua, but now I believe MarketTo is another big deal in the world of Automated Marketing Tools.

How to connect Salesforce with Eloqua ?

Eloqua comes with native CRM connectors, pretty straightforward wizard to connect by simply passing your username, password and security token provided with environment you want to plug in 

Eloqua provides application hub called as AppCloud. AppCloud lets the user to connect, browse and evaluate dozens of cloud connector. Having said this, Eloqua API leverages the functionality to connect to any technology or system you want using traditional SOA model.

Flat files imports and exports are easier and can be done without programmatic interface 

The Dashboard video is part of a series of tutorials highlighting the features available in the Eloqua 10 marketing program.

How does the Eloqua integration workflow works ?

Eloqua provides easy workflow templates to get started easily like for lead management and this speed up design for a newbie. Typically eloqua integrated with standard fields like Leads, Contact, Accounts and others. Recently, we designed a custom workflow process through a custom object where we send the customer an email and follow up email with regular interval of days and manage/track the response to renew the customer license. This process was primarily designed for Renewal Team in Sales department to manage and win-back the lost opportunities 

Check out the quick video here - This video quickly explains how to connect Eloqua with Salesforce Cloud. In my coming post, ill share my sample workflow design and custom object of how to get started. 

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