How to design impressive Visualforce Pages and Applications using BootStrap | Tool and Themes for Bootstrap

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Why Bootstrap ?

There is big buzz on web about BootStrap now,  and I found that anybody can pick the concept of designing and can effectively design slick UI in no time with BootStrap. Take my words, I am seriously bad in designing, but I have sense of UI/UX very well and I delivered application with significantly improved user experience in no time with Bootstrap, so you guys can do it as well

While in my graduate program here in Texas, I undertook courses like HCF(Human Factors in Design) and UX, and each prototype I designed I was in love to see the reaction of customer and fellow mates on how UX touches people, I believe with Bootstrap, now I can continue to demonstrate the better UX

Nevertheless, BootStrap is kick start for people who do not have 'expertise' in designing world. I recommend few link that help me to design some beautiful application in less time that I have thought of, I would like share my learning and resource that helped and welcome other resources as well from the contributors and readers around the world 

There some paid resource, which is investment if you want to jump in 

BootStrap for Visualforce Project on Github 

Resources for BootStrap 

Tools  / Resources (Paid)

1. JetStrap : Powerful mock-up building tool 

2. Wrap BootStrap : Market Place for premium paid themes 

Free Resources 

1. BootsSwatch : Amazing and free beautiful bootstrap themes 

2. JumpStartUI : Premium designs to make your backend shine

3.  BuiltwithBootStrap : Free Mockup and large theme collection 

4. BootMetro : Inspired by the latest incarnation of Windows Metro apps, Bootmetro provides the look and feel of Metro on top of the core Bootstrap offering. Although, there are clearly some kinks still to be ironed out (from a responsive POV) it is still a worthy resource for those of you looking for something different style wise.

5. LayoutIt - Offers powerful mockups and free download drag and drop design tool for bootstrapping your webpage, all for free and proposed by fellow reader  +Richard Tuttle  in +Salesforce  at +

Javascript Resources:

I recommend BootSnip, this helped me achieving some great effects with good code resources and examples 

UI Components 

FuelUXFuel UX adds some additional tidy Javascript components to Bootstrap, including a Combobox, Datagrid, Pillbox, Search and Spinner. Definitely worth a look at including for an extra level of polish.

Button Makers 

Try these resources 

Customize buttons for bootstrap 
Make sexy Iphone toggle buttons .
Thanks to  OyeCode Google Plus Community (Join Now) and people out there in community for suggesting links and resources and Google Plus  for their new #hashtag feature that brought many valuable resources and connection Hope these helps Salesforce Developers and Web Developers in making there apps more likable

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