Getting started with Angular.Js with Salesforce Visualforce Pages

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Last year was the rising year of JavaScript MVC Frameworks and in no time countless number of frameworks released in market or were under spotlight. Top known or mostly spoken that you may or may not be aware of are Ember. Js, Backbone. Js and most spoken about is Angular (officially by Google). Angular is MVC framework created by Google to build maintainable and application  on web.

What's so special about Angular.Js ? 

AngularJS breaks your application in easily manageable modules that are connected to each other. Angular enhances HTML and facilitates development by attaching new directives/expressions/tags to make powerful templates. Angular also helps you to add structure and test scripts with ease. At last, all your utility code can be converted in code-factory which later be injected into controllers as well. 

Angular is most used when you want to developed an UI or front end intensive application with organized structured approach and fast responsive time

Test live page

See live page here or install package we wrote on Github page.

In the implementation, view render JSON response through javascript and I wrote method to sort and paginate data, while on the back Apex wraps required field after query and serialize to view through JSON body.

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