Use Javascript to get multi-values from multi-picklist and query Salesforce

by - 11:11 AM

While working on UI intensive application on Visualforce, I extensively used  jQuery and Javascript Remoting to speed up my application response time on top of Visualforce, I designed bunch of methods that handles events from UI and generate dynamic query for backend. Having said this, some of the methods, I  would like to share with people out here which is little tricky but easy to implement.

How to retrive multi-values from a multi-picklist ?

So in case, you design multi-picklist and you would like retrieve those chosen value to generate dynamic query for remoting the controller to query Salesforce, here you can do it easily

How to multi-picklist looks like in HTML ?

Either you can use standard Visualforce Tag for multipicklist or HTML conventional select list 

How do you implement this method ?

You can implement this method easily as shown here to generate a formatted Query String to query Database

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