Google Chrome Extension - to quick launch Salesforce Developer Console

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Salesforce encourage developers to use 'Salesforce Developer Console' for most of the development activities than of any other third party tools like eclipse. To quick launch the developer mode, one has to login and go to setup, click on developer mode and then open up developer console' to show up in new window. You can make a bookmark for this application, which is fairly easier as well.

I thought of streamlining this steps and adding a quick shortcut and henceforth, I developed the first version of a chrome extension that do a simple job of opening Salesforce Developer Console in new tab onclick event of the mouse.

Though, I have developed bunch chrome extensions before (my gallery here in picture), this is the picture of webstore, that your can purchase on Google to host your extensions

Snapshot of my development dashboard, listing applications I built

These extensions I developed all for the sake of the fun and of my participation in hackathons couple of years back, out of which most of my apps are now retired reason being, I could not follow up with the policy of maintaining their manifest files with the new API release every year, in other words I was super lazy. But no worries, here I am with little tiny extension.

How this chrome extension works - fairly simple

How can I make extension?

 I think this is the quick video that can help and give you good idea about how to get started, or you can modify this code and submit more idea to make this more better.

For publishing an application, you need to pay $10 for maintaining webstore account. You can publish your own application or can  fork this code of extension, at the moment this is designed for my instance of Salesforce which is 'cs12' so it works here and only for sandbox instance of mine. As I said, this is first release and I designed it in 20 mins approximately, would love to see more ideas coming in and make this better.

Happy coding and sharing

*Note - this application is free for download, code feel free to modify

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