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Salesforce have unveiled Salesforce 1, a new CRM platform to better connect with customers and to keep up with latest trends to reassure public that they are not falling behind. Seemingly there are lots of phenomena like Social, mobile applications, wearable devices and cloud computing,  so clearly business are looking for more tactical solution that meet the target implementations. Salesforce revamped the platform by consolidating all internet based technologies into one single service that companies can use to built out their offering and spend more time and focus on customer.

Salesforce 1, incorporates numerous API all into one platform with additional streaming API. Now most important things here to note is Salesforce is free for all user and even for developers free account. Clearly all the existing users will automatically be updated.

Design Your First Mobile Application 

To get started, you need a sample application and this application is pre-created by Salesforce to give you a vague idea of how the application is designed and can be used. Jump here to steps shown in this document in the link below .These are steps mentioned over on  Salesforce 1 documentation  :

Install Salesforce 1 Application Package to Quick Start 

You might be familiar with the Warehouse app if you’ve gone through the tutorials in the Force.comWorkbook. We took the Warehouse data from that guide and added a few extra things to it to help show you what Salesforce1 can do.
  • Go to and log in to Salesforce using your Developer Edition credentials.
  • Open a new browser tab or window, and navigate to Do this in the same browser that you used to log into your developer organization with.
  • Open the README file.
  • Click the link in the README file. This is the installation link for the enhanced Warehouse data package. You should be taken directly into your development organization to the Package Installation Details page.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Install.
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • From the app menu, select Warehouse.
  • Click the Data tab.
  • Click Create Data.
All right! The last step is to download the Salesforce1 app, then we’ll be ready to roll.
Download the Application for Apple/Andriod


Create a Visualforce Page

Now we’ll create a Visualforce page and make it available from the navigation menu and make sure you have checked 'Available for Salesforce Mobile apps' check box.

Load the visualforce page as shown below

Create a New VisualForce Tab

To take this application to your Salesforce 1 Mobile Application, create a new Visualforce Tab.

Add the Tab to the Navigation Menu

Now let us add this tab to Mobile Navigation Menu

Increase GeoLocation Miles to bring California for Multiple Pins

 Since I am located in Austin, Texas so 2000 miles from here will bring California location in my Map, go to the Find Nearby class and increase the radius

Test Application on your Phone ! 

+Jeff Douglas ,  +Appirio team reaction on Salesforce 1 Platform Launch is self explanatory !

More of my application are on the way !

Thanks +Pat Patterson  +Samantha Ready

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