How to build Graphs on VisualforcePages with Salesforce Report | Bring Reports to Life

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Salesforce reporting tool is a robust, sleek and easy drag-drop tool to accumulate organization data. Dashboard on the other hand, require no coding and allow developer to plug in report data to show live charts. But how about displaying the report data on Visualforce pages in Chart.

Google Charts with VisualForce 

With the release of Salesforce Analytic API any developer can pull Salesforce data inside the visualforce pages and add graphical representation (graphs, charts, pie-charts) on top it. This can be done by integration Google Charts with Visualforce, read article here and here

+Pat Patterson  - wrote great articles and video out there

Bring Data to life with D3.JS

I am in love and deeply fascinated by visual data representation done by 'Data Driven Documents'. D3.js is a javascript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps user to bring data to life using HTML ,SVG and CSS. D3 require modern browsers and combine power visualization frameworks, components for data manipulation

What's unique about this library ? 

D3 actually avoid efficient manipulation of documents based data. This avoid stereotype representation and affords extraordinary flexibility by exposing full capabilities of web-standards. Before we design, let us also learn a little more about a wrapper library called NVD3.js

What is NVD3.js ?

This is reusable chart library for D3.js. There are some brilliant example shown here, check it out how simply you can make fascinating charts. Special thanks for code consent accredited to conversation and code I shared with Arun 

@Arun - Would be posting the more experiments I am doing with apps, as it unfolds and ready to share thanks for neat advice

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