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Eclipse is most the common IDE out there in developers community specially among Java, Ruby and C++ developers. With the launch of plugin for eclipse, the Eclipse again become powerful and most popular IDE for Salesforce developers. I recently came across another open source IDE which offer very rich interface, color code texture, easy synchronization with called MavensMate.

MavensMate as Plugin?

Mavensmate is actually Sublime Text plugin for developers, this plugin allows you to perform operations like compile apex classes, trigger, built visualforce pages, deploy apex test to server and as MavensMate team claims that this plugin is designed for developers by the Developer so clearly this is good fit in the shoes.

Installing Mavensmate ?

Download Mavensmate from here,  I am explaining here the installation of my Macbook Air, so clearly this installation works for OSX. Piyush Shrivastav, the co-author/partner of this blog had explained here for successful installation on 'Windows'

OSX 10.7+

  1. Download Sublime Text (Sublime Text 3 recommended)
  2. Download
  3. Place in /Applications
  4. Download Sublime Text 2 or Sublime Text 3 MavensMate plugin via "Plugins" option in menu
  5. Go to MavensMate menu in Sublime Text > MavensMate > Settings > User and set mm_workspace to the location where you'd like your MavensMate projects to reside.
  6. MavensMate menu in Sublime Text > MavensMate > Project > New Project
After Installation once you open up sublime text, and click on creating a new project , you will this error pop-up box

You need to set mm-property for your project, to fix this go to
Mavensmate - > Settings -> Default  and move in your 'applications' folder
change the setting to something like this :
"mm_workspace" : "/Users/harshitpandey/Documents/workspace",  (replace username with yours)

Close and open back Sublime Text and click to open an existing project or a new project and fill in your credentials for As we know, when you log in to the Salesforce from another desktop client or remote application then you need to append the security token with the password. So make sure you keep password+security_token here

Video explaining all features of Mavensmate by  +Joseph Ferraro  (Architect Behind)

Some of the pleasant features this editor offers which I liked is the auto-completion for Apex and Visualforce. To utilize Apex Code assist, set mm_autocomplete to true in MavensMate > Settings > User
MavensMate will attempt to provide Apex code assistance for system Apex Classes and other Apex in the org. To ensure the best code assist functionality, be sure to configure the following MavensMate for Sublime Text settings:
mm_api_version : 27.0 (or higher)
mm_compile_with_tooling_api : true


MavensMate will attempt to provide code assistance for Visualforce tags and attributes.

Check out documentation by Mavensmate for more

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