Salesforce 1 Platform | Analytics ReportChart tag - Not completely supported

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Impressive - Salesforce just responded and are quick on issues when comes to docs

Last night, I designed a page that uses a pie-chart in my report as shown here, I used Salesforce Analytics API in the beginning to pull the raw data and displayed a pie chart using Google Chart API, but a while after taking that page to Salesforce 1, I learned that chart wasn't responsive like shown here in the image below

Salesforce 1 page : using Google Chart API, pie chart was not responsive (brakes on ios through, when ran through device)

My friend +Jitendra Zaa  advised to use <analytics:reportchart> tag from scratch to see if it works I started from scratch to see if that works. So, I designed a report of opportunity pipeline with pie chart added on it as shown here.

I used <analytics:reportchart> tag released in Spring'14, to display this chart on a visualforce page with harded coded value of the report id

This is how the page looked like after adding additional attribute size="large" on page.

Moving this page to Salesforce 1 Platform, I learned that this tag doesn't show responsive behavior change on screen resize and chart size stays the same.

I pulled the page using /one/ with two window sizes show here

Full screen size on one/

While on reducing size of window to its half, tag doesn't seem to support responsive behavior with salesforce 1 platform. I would like to make sure that this tag is supported here as I come across a few more in my last post here and we had discussed the tags that are not supported in Salesforce 1

Reduced Size window 

Salesforce adviced me through docs here and here, these docs talks about non-supported visualforce tags in Salesforce1, but I think <analytics:reportchart> tag isn't listed though. I just like to bring this into notice as I came across while demoing this to team of few people out here. All advices and ideas are welcomed

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