Toggle It ! | Google Chrome Extension to Toggle Developer Mode (On/Off)

by - 5:44 PM

Whenever we debug javascript on visualforce pages, I find its a pain to debug using 'Inspect Element' on Google Chrome specially when the developer mode on visualforce pages is turned on.

The conventional way to disable it by going on your user detail record, which  requires tons of clicks disable it, now when you want it back again - forget about it (multiple clicks again). The smarter way would rather be appending this string (quote) to your url
But, to make the life easier for other developers out here. I developed a chrome extension that do 'Regex matching on Salesforce domain(s)' and let you toggle dev mode on/off when you need to debug javascript in one-click (in other words with no pain)

Download the chrome extension through the link below

Toggle It ! - Chrome Extension to turn on/off (toggle) Salesforce Developer Mode in one click

Also - Interested in Salesforce 1, check this cool extension as well  called 'Launch it'

Check the out video here for quick demo

I hope this will make your life little easier.

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