Launch It | Google Chrome Extension to launch Salesforce 1 in one click

by - 2:49 PM

Couple of days before, I launched 'Toogle It - a chrome extension to toggle salesforce developer mode ON/OFF'. Since past few weeks I have been doing experiments with Salesforce 1 and have been testing my application using both the browser chrome and my phone. 

You may be knowing that Salesforce1 app can either be launched on your phone or in your web browser when logged just by appending one/ to your existing instance.

Example if na5 is your instance the url would be

I thought of designing a quick and easy Salesforce extension that let you toggle between Salesforce and Salesforce 1 App with one click without worrying about the instance. The extension recognize your current tab and instance and open up application for you and let you toggle back and forth,

I would love get your review, bug and suggestions for improvements 

See the video below to see application in action.

Download the chrome extension here - Launch It - Salesforce 1 Launcher

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