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While attending Salesforce Elevate in Austin, I discussed this issue with +Dave Carroll  about Salesforce 1 Platform not completely supporting <apex:details> and <apex:relatedlist> tag. Though the use case, I designed here would rarely be needed but I came across this experimentally while working with my manager.

I am interested to know the list the visualforce tags that Salesforce 1 do not supports.

Salesforce just responded though 

To explain in few steps, lets jump to the code. I actually designed a custom visualforce page list all accounts in my developer account. The code is simple and shown here


Controller Code

Account list in Visualforce 

Accounts list in Salesforce 1

On clicking any account the user lands on detail page of account, where I used <apex:relatedList> tag and ideally the details has to be shown maintaining the consistency of UI for Salesforce 1 but this looks like its not completely supported here

Related List in Visualforce  

Jumping back to Salesforce 1, this is how pages looks with <apex:relatedlist> tag, clearly here layout is little off the format and doesn't completely bring Salesforce UI experience.

Related List in Salesforce 1

While on the other hand, this is how the expected layout should look like on Salesforce 1 Platform.

Expected Related List in Salesforce 1 

The overall objective was to share that some visualforce tage like <apex:details> and <apex:relatedlist> is not properly supported here that actually lack the consistency in user experience. I am sure Salesforce 1 documentation should also be adding list of tags not supported while designing Salesforce 1 applications. In case, if I miss anything in here, I would be glad to have some suggestions here

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