Search Youtube in Real Time with your Voice

by - 10:09 PM

I was working on something interesting since last two weeks and have developed an application that search youtube in real time (meaning search as you type). It was fun, understanding how the different it feel watching youtube through new way and search data real fast. All fun started with a hack, I was doing with jquery to tweak a salesforce application, which triggered idea of real time search with video server and youtube is one single place to look for. 

After developing first prototype, I added voice search to it. It was relatively easy to add voice search to search box using webkit (only supported in latest browser). After finishing the whole application, it turns out to be real fun, specially understanding the UX this application leverages.

End of the day, it feel like as an end-user, you just say to youtube and youtube plays the video for you. The application is not completed yet and is in beta phase. I understand that my designing sense is not the best, but have a working application ready in a night hack was more than awesome feel

The code is not shared here as the application is early design phase, but I have made a quick video randomly last night, demonstrating the application 

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