Building SOQL Query Tool with Node.Js - Part II

by - 12:16 AM

If you have read my last post on ' Getting started with Node.Js ' then its the time to move on to next post on building cool application on Node.js by integrating to platform. My application is inspired and supported by code-base shared by +Christophe Coenraets (Developer Evangelist here at +Salesforce )where he posted a neat article on building API explorer on Node.

I forked the idea, revamped my logic and complied to create a SOQL Tool on Node.js which turn out to be couple of hours hacking

Lets +Keep Calm and Carry On Hacking.

Download my repo at - with Node.js to get started 

Create a connected application by going to setup->app -> new connected app. Name you application and keep call back url as http://localhost:3000/oauthcallback.html

Since we will be hosting the application on localhost:3000, on success we return to oauthcallback.html page which stays in the directory provided in the github repository.

Once you create the application - you receive the client ID auto generated which you need to copy on the app.js file as shown here

After successfully creating the application, you see the client_Id add the client Id to app.js file here

Follow the instruction shown the video to run the application successfully on your machine.

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