Node.Js with Salesforce | Getting Started with Node.js - Part 1

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Node.Js with Salesforce | Integrating Node.js with Platform

Quite a few people asked me this question, do I need to learn Node.js as Salesforce developer and my answer to them is yes and no. This is actually purely relative question and clearly depends on type of implementation you do with your application . I had spend quite some good time meeting with +Sandeep Bhanot  at Salesforce HQ discussing these topic.

What are the Prospects ? 

With an understanding of Node.js, you will be able to develop real-time, fast, scalable, data-driven web applications, and you will have the requisite knowledge to quickly adapt to any of the emerging, cutting-edge JavaScript frameworks such as Derby.js and Meteor.js.

It is worth noting that unlike just a couple of years ago when you needed to know a true server-side language (such as PHP, Rails, Java, Python, or Perl) to develop scalable, dynamic, database-driven web applications, today you can do as much and more with JavaScript alone.

Lets see in more details , what is Node.Js and how I am goona use it. You may find, lots of resources for learning Node.js but I got my most answers resolved over here  at CodeSchool

I always prefer video over text to get started and once in, documentation reading and understanding is smoother, if you are same type then check out these two cool videos to jump in

What is Node. Js by CodeSchool hosted at my account


Node Tutorial Series by Pedro

My Node.Js - First Application 

I made a sample Node.js application that you can download on your machine. I made a demo video, see the video and follow the instruction to run this application. This video explain, how to install require packages and run the application.

Also, later half of this post will be more focused on connecting the application with Node.js and querying Salesforce. So stay tuned for second part of the post, which is in process

Meantime, try this application, this application let you type your favorite color in the text box and changes the background color the background as you type.

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