Trailhead | A learning path for Platform

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Trailhead : A new learning path for platform

In Dreamforce'14, our team of (developer relations) launched Trailhead. Trailhead is designed to align the salesforce resources, which will streamline the learning process and at the same time provide a defined learning path for developers start learning platform.

Salesforce have offered resources through youtube, blogs, workshops, elevate conferences, meetup and many more ways. But alignment of resources was still needed to be done. In the project Trailhead, Salesforce have developed the power packed content that comes with challenges and these challenges can be taken in your personal 'development org' or dev edition. Trailhead check the work done by you, by querying against your organization and clearly offer a brand new experience of learning and doing work at the same time.

Trailhead also offer a  profile page, which is your Trailhead profile, that beautifully presents the work done by you and showcase your the badges you earned or awarded to you. Your Trailhead profile could be public or private depending on the choices of your preferences. Trailhead profile showcase the medals/badges earned and certainly add lot of authenticity your 'Salesforce profile' besides your Salesforce Forum Profile

Trailhead offers  multiple Trails where each Trails is defined learning guided path, each Trail further goes deep down in the Modules and then to Units. A units may or may not have a challenge, some units require reading the text, while most of them have a challenge to take.

Primarily, Trails have two broad categories, Salesforce Administration and Developer with platform, later likely more Trails would offered as it grows. My team have done amazing job of offering guided path for all developers around the globe who are excited about the technologies and wrote a brand way of learning through a gaming experience and the profile building at the same time, without hopping for distributed resources. 

I strongly recommend existing users, new comers and MVP's to try out Trailhead and spread the the words to help people all over the globe. Don't forget to share your work with your Trailhead Profile

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