Using Yeoman Generator for Google Polymer

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Building polymer components is quick and easy,  but managing components still require standardization and alignment. To provide a scaffold to application/component, team at Google built scaffold tool called 'Yeoman' and dedicated CLI tool for multiple technologies including Polymer. Yeoman is powerful scaffolding tool that not only streamline components development process,  but also provide a structure to development process, which enforces best practices.

What does it do ?
With a set of commands, Yeoman compile required resources for you and you can skip lots of manual setup . Yeoman is designed to handle configuration and accumulate components for development and  clearly minifies the pain of maintaining minor configurations and making it easy for developer to focus more on application logic

What does it have ? 
Primarily its a combination of 'Yo' which is scaffolding tool,  'Grunt' task manager and 'Bower' a powerful package manager. So clearly with few set of commands, you can built scaffold, download files and test/build/serve it easily

Getting Started with Yeomen 

To get started with Yeoman Generator for Polymer, I would like to share the video shared by +Rob Dodson where he have explained the steps to configure Yeoman and create your polymer components.

Read more about Yeoman here and go here for instructions to install on your machine and here for finding list of Yeoman generator for other technologies that may interest you

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