Make realtime mobile and web application in minutes using Firebase

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Real-time application are fascinating and comes with lot productivity, like if you see Google Drive real time integration or node base application, they are productive and offer wide range of implementations. I recently meat, Firebase team in Google Cloud Platform Live in San Francisco. I was surprise to see, how quickly you can make real-time application using Firebase, and recently learned that they are acquired by Google.

How easy is to make real-time application ? 
Making a real-time application is still tricky and require lot of coding, and powerful architecture to sync data back and forth, Firebase resolve this problem for us and offer three-way data binding to us.

What is Firebase ? 
Firebase is an API oriented service that store and sync data in database real time. With that it mean, you don't have to worry about your server, database, or real-time components. Firebase manage that all for you. With the API provided, you simple retrieve or push data to Firebase and it will take care of saving and syncing data to all connected devices and applications.

Future Prospects of Firebase ? 
Google recently acquired Firebase and more likely be offering Firebase features pretty soon . Google has a history of integrating the services it acquires for Cloud Platform rather quickly. I am expecting a tight integration with Google Cloud Platform which is will power instant real-time data integration and synchronization, it would be interesting to see, how this will take shape and Google Cloud Platform offer number of services already, so clearly this will be powerful and promising integration of technologies

Let us get started, create an account on Firebase and click to create a new application, like I created application name Oyecode, shown in the picture above. Once you create an application you can see that its fairly easily to define your data structure as the data stored as key values pair, pretty similar to Couchdb and Mongo.

Firebase store data as key-value pair, so once you populate the data, you can see your data in the wizard, as shown below

Building Real-time, Responsive Application only with HTML and JavaScript

In the video below, I am explaining how quickly you can build an application using simply HTML and deploy on Firebase platform, I have explained the code in the embedded video here. As we know that talk is cheap, and developers want to see code. Below is the code and live application, feel free to edit code live here on Codepen

To play with live hosted version : Go to Firebase Hosted Application
See the Pen raLpKb by Harshit Pandey (@oyecode) on CodePen.

Check the video below, explaining how to built this application 
Once you built an application, simple you can install Firebase Command Line Tool to deploy your application on Firebase cloud hosting services. Type in this command on your command line


Check out the application in action

 Check the video below,  where I demonstrated the real time behavior of the application

Further References :
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