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In my career as a developer, I have came across wide range of IDE's and among all I find Visual Studio to be one of the most completed and graduated development tool available for developers. Visual Studio was limited to Windows Platform and and was made available to Mac system with the help of project Mono (open source, cross platform framework), that allow you to program in C# on top of Mac machine.Though, you can program using .Net Framework, but at the same time, you have to compromise the smoothness and richness of Visual Studio IDE.

Recently, Microsoft have released their fancy, slick and cool IDE for Mac/Linux world as Microsoft Code. This IDE offers a very rich experience for developer on Mac/Linux platform, interestingly, this IDE is released a part of Visual Studio Family by focusing not only on Microsoft .Net framework but also to support Node. JS at the same time

They both allows you to connect with Visual studio online for future proof architect like (Git can be local as well) but source repository connection like (GitHub)Visual Studio online allows offer features like continuous integration, overall performance monitoring and Team Foundation Server with free up-to 5 developers on one account.

I like the approach Microsoft is taking towards openness in IDE, this will open up best of two worlds for developers. 

.Net Framework 2015 as Open Source and Component Driven

.Net is available as .Net Core, which is modern, support component driven architecture, and allows you ship private version of .Net Core which changing your application behavior. At the same time new CLR (Common Language Runtime) like JVM in java will be release for Mac/Linux and Windows

ASP.Net will work everywhere now will be available to all machines, check open source project at Github. Likewise Node.js, ASP.Net will be offered with web-server for Mac and Linux

Plugins available for your favorite editor(s)

Microsoft developers community have started a group/organization called OmniSharp  which is  dedicated to develop plugins that offer intellisense to your favorite editor(Sublime Text, Atom, EMac) to name a few,

Growing Salesforce Relationship with Microsoft 

While working at Salesforce, I got opportunity to see and participate on many fledgling open source Microsoft projects which are public now. Specially loving the work by my friend and  former collegue Eugene Oaksman for developing Salesforce Mobile SDK for Windows and my all time favorite Wade Warner (who left Microsoft as chief of Evangelist, Joined Salesforce build insanely cool tools and joined Windows Azure Team back in Microsoft) his work on building Toolkit for .Net is remarkable

Recently Salesforce have released the Salesforce Services for Microsoft Visual Studio, which is an extension for Visualforce IDE that lets you access Salesforce REST API,  add .Net NuNet library and configure connected application OAuth Endpoints.

Below is the video in action recorded by Wade Warner all credited to him and Inc, demonstrating Salesforce Integration using Visual Studio, read his full blown blog post here by +Dave Carroll 

There are few more interesting articles I recommend reading on hottest trending subject both on Salesforce and Odata connector and Accessing SQL Server Azure Database with Salesforce using Salesforce Lightning Connect written by +Mohit Srivastav here  and here and on official blog by Sara here

Download Visual Studio here to start rocking the stage.

Next Steps

Read on to find out about:
  • Code Basics - a quick orientation of VSCode
  • Editing Evolved - from code colorization & multi-cursor to IntelliSense
  • Debugging - OK time for the really fun stuff - break, step, watch

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