Awesome Salesforce | Powerful Salesforce Resources

by - 12:31 AM

Awesome list is project initiated by Sindre ranked as most popular person on Github. He created a github page, which list (awesome) resources for Node.js. Later this cought fire and technology dedicated developers started listing awesome pages for their favorite technologies and these are listed on the master awesome-list now.

Salesforce Awesome Page : 
I created awesome page for Salesforce with a few categories to jump start, I would like all developers and salesforce enthusiast to fork it and add valuable link and design better categories. I have created few categories and that are debatable but good at ab-initio.

How can I contribute : 
You can have to make it clean (in other words make it awesome(r) like never before), I created guidelines for contributors to follow a consistent formatting

What resources can I bring in ? 
Primarily git repos, tools, plugins, youtube channel, official twitter channel, shared libraries, blogs and frameworks (if any) and yes please spread this page to your colleagues and spread awesomeness all over

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