Cloud9 Editor for Salesforce

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Salesforce officially partnered with Cloud9 to produce a IDE dedicated for Salesforce Developer. This has been in talks for more than a year, but now its officially out for public. As we all know, Salesforce cloud based editor (developer console) is buggy, and do not synchronize/save code perfectly.

Cloud9 clearly offer better user experience to developer over developer console. Cloud9 have proven itself on many ground by offering support for multiple technologies and have more graduated offering. Clearly salesforce matches this model, at minimum on web level, this is significantly better

SOQL IN Cloud9

Query Editor is fairly simple and straight forward

Team Collaboration 

Not sure the use case behind this, but you can share your code live for online collaboration

Test Classes

Running test is on-click as it loads all tests

Aura Bundle (Lighting Component Bundle)

IDE supports aura (lightning) components and you can build lighting bundles like developer console

Linking your Github

You can fairly link Github repository with IDE, by linking with your repositories

What are the limitations ?

It is paid, pricy, do not see auto-suggestion and intelli-sense working smoothly as of now, no option to create new class/visualforce pages by right clicking. Not sure about logs view as of now and extra meta-data components besides the standard components and product little pricy for what it offers. May be this is early preview but overall richness of IDE makes it smoother than officially salesforce developer console

Try Cloud IDE for Salesforce at

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