GitIgnore for Salesforce Projects

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As we see the growth of git in developers community and rise of multiple IDE, a need of .gitIgnore is must for projects to avoid uploading unwanted system file to github. In large team, developers use multiple IDE's (mostly have moved to Mavensmate) but we still have mix of eclipse/maven/atom audiences. 

I am sharing gitginore for Salesforce, and we use this extensively, this is growing list, as the two new latest IDE came in the market (Atom) support for Salesforce,  which I love over sublime and Welkin Suite (Salesforce IDE for Windows) there should few more files types and extension that will qualify to be added here. I am opening this up to the world and make it community driven, if we miss anything.


We covered Sublime and Eclipse and shared across the team, you can fork the repository here and update gitignore with new addition as you come across. Github officially host a major project Github/GitIgnore, which list all .gitignore for major platforms. I will be add this change to this repository.

Also recommend to try this out, to generate gitignore template, unfortunately Salesforce is not part of it and you can fork project to contribute apex in it here

Yomen Generator for gitIgnore 

 Also I stumbled upon gitignore generator npm module, where Galvin have written a Yomen generator for gitignore that include package.I encourage to try this out as well to build a template for start of your project

Simply install yoman generator through

$ npm install -g generator-gitignore

and you will prompted to chose language, chose as shown in the picture below and you are all set with gitignore

Feel to fork, and add your valuable input to gitIgnore as you try lighting features or other IDE

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