ForceSpinner | Killer HTML Spinner for Salesforce Projects

by - 9:53 PM

ForceSpinner is powerful jquery plugin we wrote to add interactive and engaging loaders for project. We thought of writing custom components, but later extended them to be adopted for HTML project using jquery.

ForceSpinner offer wide variety of loaders for you to offer engaging user experience in simplified fashion. You need jquery to use this plugin successfully and this plugin allows you the change the colors of the loaders by simply passing color in the methods.

While working on Material Design with Salesforce, we came across situation where we have to show loaders while content loads during a transaction in Salesforce. We wrote a simplified plugin from scratch, using pure CSS3 to simplify showing loader while your content loads.

How to use ForceSpinner ?

Plugin is simple and easy to implement, you need to import CDN or download css/js and simple invoke loader by calling methods shown below

Check out similar libraries ForceGrid (Grid System for Salesforce) and ForceSniffer (Salesforce Context Library for Devices Detection).

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