Weave | Code Generator Plugin for Salesforce on Sublime Text

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Announcing Weave, a coolsome project, that generates boilerplate code for creating cutting age visualforce pages and apex code patterns for Salesforce on your Sublime Text Editor. A homegrown  product of our lab experiments.

What is Weave ? 

Weave is sublime plugin, that generates the boilerplate code for both Visualforce and Apex. Since we are more focused on leverage material design experience on top of Salesforce. We designed boilerplate snippets for Material Design that generate fancy pages by typing few keywords. See all those wonderful template on 'feather' project, which become mother of Weave project

Why Weave ?

While working in  large team, you might need to bring code consistency among the team. Weave generate out box template code to bring your team productivity upto speed. I open-sourced this project to get more ideas from developer community and correct templates and simply standards of the platform across the board.

See Weave in Action

 Follow the video to have glimpse on how to install and use Weave for spinning Visualforce Code

Weave support Google Material Design 

We wrote generic template based off of Material design that can be easily generate through by typing 'vf_' and '<tab> in your machine, here are few glimpse. Note Vf_ generates all visualforce templates.

Visualforce Page with Material Design Fixed Tabs 

See this page live here

Can it Weave Apex ? 

Yes, we wrote powerful templates jump start Apex code.To support industry design pattern, we wrote snippets for Trigger covering all possible event and TriggerHandler, you simply have to press type make appropriate changes and weave will fill up values for you, not shit just simplify life of developer

See Weave in action with Apex Code in the video below

How to install  ?

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