How to configure Mavensmate properly on Mac for Sublime Text and Atom

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Mavensmate is one of the most widely adopted plugin and it is currently offered for Sublime Text and Atom (Open Github Editor). For some reason, I see many folks confused and struggling to configure that Mac machine successfully, which is why I am writing this blog post explain step by step instructions to configure Maven on your machine.

Sublime Installation  : 

Step 1 : Go to Sublime Text and open package control (see how to install package control) by pressing (⌘ + Shift + P) and type Mavensmate. 

Step 2 : After installing package, now download Mavensmate standalone application for your machine from here (get latest version), unzip and install it in Application Folder.

Step 3: Launch application, go to Settings set mm_workspace. In my case, I created a folder in  Documents/Sublime so my path will become /Users/harshitp/Documents/Sublime

Your mm_workspace will become (replace your username)


Step 4 : Pass on your credentials, if your path is correct, you should see absolute path in the drop down menu as shown below.

Step 5 :  Start using Sublime Text

Atom Installation  : (Multiple Workspace)

Steps are same, just to keep manage project nicely, create another folder (again depends on your need) in the Documents folder naming 'Atom' so my directory structure looks like this Documents/Atom 

Step 1 : Configure mm_workspace

For Atom directory my absolute directory path for mm_workspace  becomes /Users/harshitp/Documents/Atom

["/Users/harshitp/Documents/Sublime", "/Users/harshitp/Documents/Atom"]

Step 2 : Pass on your credentials, on successful settings you will be prompted to open both editors and option to choose workspace like this

Step 4: Sync Salesforce and started coding on Awesome Atom Editor

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