BoilerPlate to Host static HTML Application on Heroku

by - 3:00 PM

We have been massively using Heroku in and out and quite often you might need to perform proof of concepts (POC) based your html application on Heroku. I cleaned up all my code and wrote a bootstrap code for (php based) just to launch your html instantly.

How to host your html on Heroku (PHP Container)

I wrote a php trigger (.php) which spins up heroku container with php environment, that's all you need, this php, in-turn launch index. html on application and dang, that's what you need to host your html instantly

Simply fork the code from this repository, replace your html and launch you html application instantly. Readme in the repository is self explinatory

How to host your html on Heroku using Node.Js with Express Framework

Since php was fun, why not make a simple node.js application and host it on Heroku. So I spun a basic node.js application and simply loaded application server, which on load in turn route to defaulted index.html. You can fork repository from here

Here is app.js

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